kidsinc.ONE is a family friendly members only safe social space and Youth Talent Creator Community featuring, showcasing and connecting young actors, artists, athletes, creators, dancers, models, musicians, performers, micro and mini influencers, their families and fans. A place parents can trust!


For Youth Creators - a place to create fan clubs, gain new fans, monetize with paid pages & posts, and recieve tips, sell merch, fundraise, have access to exclusive casting notices, and showcase for sponsors.

For Families - a place that's safe, free of sexual  materials, stalkers, bullying, negative /harmful content and free of tracking, keylogging and unnecessary data collection.

For Industry - a place to search, find, cast, book and support youth talent and connect directly with parents.

For Sponsors - a place to develop relationships with parents of talented youth, book special requests such as unboxing and reveiw videos from our talented members, support youth talent by purchasing their merch, donating to their fundraisers, tipping and subscribing to their locked content.

For KIDS INC. - a place to aggregate the worlds most talented youth and have direct access to parents.
              - a place to support young artists, atheletes and entertainers.
              - a place to create collaborations and partnerships.
              - a place to raise on-going funding to cover expenses.

kidsinc.ONE IS FREE OF:

  • pornography
  • bullying
  • stalkers
  • phishing
  • scams
  • stalking
  • tracking
  • keylogging
  • collection and selling of data



  • Extensive Privacy Settings
  • Publish Artist/Entertainer profiles
  • Showcase galleries for images and videos
  • Create subscription based fan pages
  • Play games
  • Watch movies and videos
  • Publish videos
  • Publish blogs
  • Livestream
  • Artist/Entertainers Directory Listing
  • Special Livestream Events (coming soon)
  • Educational Workshops (coming soon)
  • Casting Opportunities (coming soon)
  • Virtual Concerts and Showcases
  • Monetization Ability (subscriptions, tips, fundraising, marketplace)
  • Marketplace (sell products, services, digital downloads)
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Native Apps (coming soon)
  • Reels (coming soon) and much more!






WHY kidsinc.ONE?



KIDS INC. is a not-for-profit organization and part of our mission to inspire and empower youth.  Youth need apps and platforms that are not motivated by ROI's and that do not collect and sell their data or track them, or spy on them by reading everything on their device and logging their every keystroke.  

Youth need apps and platforms that do not treat them as products but as valuable, unique individuals to be protected from negative,  unhealthy, manipulative content, ...violence, explicit sexual content and sexual predators. 

Youth need heros to build technologies that will  foster safe, positive online experiences free of pornography, algorithmic manipulation, stalking, bullying and schemes that maximize their time mindlessly scrolling while becoming addicted to dopamine.

kidsinc.ONE  is not a replacement for mainstream social networks/apps. It's a community featuring youth talent PLUS happens to also be a safe alternative for concerned parents.

We're perfect for a tweens first social media experience, and we're the perfect space to meet the world's most talented youth, and we're perfect for offering parents peace of mind.



KIDS INC. is a nonprofit organization founded back in the 90's by an Educator/Entertainer who created, produced, directed and toured a very popular multicultural youth performing arts group that empowered children with important safety messages through school tours, live events and televised performances of original music, improv and the original "Safety Challenge Game Show", for over a decade. 

OUR MISSION: Create, Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Empower.

We are committed to children's safety and youth talent development.

KIDS INC. company website

EIN 84-1139356

CONTACT:  admin@kidsinc.one